Thursday, August 9, 2018

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Owners of the MacBook Pro 2018 complain about the extraneous noise of the speakers

Owners of the MacBook Pro 2018 complain about the extraneous noise of the speakers

Owners of the new MacBook Pro 2018 complain about the extraneous noise of the built-in notebook speakers. Complaints can be found in various sources, including the Apple Support Center, Reddit, YouTube and various forums.

Extraneous noise occurs both on the 13-inch and 15-inch models. So far, there is no specific reason for the problem. Noises appear when playing videos on YouTube and during GarageBand sessions. Extraneous sounds can also appear when you start Windows through Boot Camp.

Some believe that noises appear due to radio waves or due to device drivers. In addition, the problem may be in the new T2 chip. The T2 chip first appeared in the iMac Pro 2017, and it can cause various problems with the code of the MacBook Pro 2018. Thanks to this chip on the Mac for the first time the function "Hi, Siri" appeared.
MacBook Pro users are not the first to complain about problems with sound. Not so long ago, owners of the MacBook Pro 2016 reported problems with audio when running Windows through Boot Camp. Soon after, Apple released an update with a solution to the problem.
If your new MacBook Pro also produces extraneous sounds, we suggest contacting the Apple Support Center.
The ruler of the MacBook Pro 2018 was presented in July. New laptops can contain up to 6 processor cores and 32GB of RAM. Some models support True Tone technology, and a new quiet third-generation keyboard appeared.

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