Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Emmanuel Akor

How to improve the basses of AirPods and make them more convenient


Apple's AirPods headphones seem like something magical to many, because they do not look like any other Bluetooth headphones. However, they are far from ideal, and because of their shape, headphones often drop out of their ears. The sound quality of AirPods also leaves much to be desired, especially their bass. Fortunately, there is a way to "crack" the AirPods headphones and solve these problems.
How to improve the basses of AirPods and make them more convenient
To do this you will need a foam pad for the headphones. They will help them to sit more securely in the ear, and also improve the basses of AirPods, especially when listening to music at high volume. Moreover, this method will help your AirPods stay clean and not get littered with dust and debris.

It's quite simple, you just need to make a few holes in the overlays, which will help to work properly for various sensors on AirPods. So you can still activate Siri, manage music, etc.
If everything is done correctly, the functionality of AirPods will not be violated in any way. You can even put the headphones in the case without any problems.

Emmanuel Akor

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