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What to do if sometimes the mobile Internet stops working on the iPhone X and other models with iOS 11


Sometimes on the iPhone, cellular data may suddenly stop working. Most often this happens unexpectedly and for no apparent reason. Usually, in such cases, you can still make and receive calls, but the internet does not work, and you can not use applications that require a network connection.
Obviously, a smartphone without cellular data becomes useless, so that their sudden shutdown is not the most pleasant thing in the world.
Fortunately, most problems with cellular data on the iPhone are very easy to fix. Often this is done by changing one or two options. Below we will tell you what to do if the mobile Internet does not work on the iPhone.

How to fix problems with cellular data on iPhone

We'll talk about six ways to fix the problem with cellular data on the iPhone. The first of them should solve most of the problems when for no apparent reason the mobile Internet just stops working.

1: Verify that Cellular Data is On

The first step is to check that the Cellular Data option is turned on. Perhaps you will find this advice stupid, but you can not even imagine how often people accidentally turn off cellular data or turn on airplane mode. Now this happens even more often due to the fact that the Cellular Data icon is in the iOS 11 Management Point.
Check Cellular Data:
  1. Open the Control Station.
  2. Make sure the Cellular Data icon is on (it should be green).
If the icon was gray, the Cellular Data was disabled.

1.1: Do not forget to check the Air mode

Do not close the Control Point and immediately check that the Air Mode is off. This mode disables all types of communication, including cellular data, so that it can easily cause a problem. If the Airplane mode is on, turn it off.
The Cellular Data option can also be checked via Settings, as well as the Air Mode.
  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. The first section will be Air mode. Make sure the switch next to it is turned off.
  3. Then go to the Cellular section.
  4. Make sure that the radio button next to Cellular data is on.
  5. Also, check that the cellular data is included in the applications that you frequently use. To do this, scroll down the screen and check the switches.
Two of these options are the most common causes of problems with mobile Internet. When something goes wrong with them, you can make and receive calls, but the Internet does not work at the same time. We strongly recommend that you first check them.
You can also disable access to cellular data in applications where they are not needed. This will help save traffic.

2: Reset network settings

Some problems with the network can be solved by resetting the network settings and rebooting. The only drawback of this method is that all saved settings, like DNS, and passwords from wi-fi networks will be erased.
  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Go to Basic and select Reset.
  3. Click Reset network settings and confirm the action.
  4. Close the settings and reboot the device.
When the iPhone turns on, open an application like Safari, and check to see if the internet is working.

3: Check for operator updates

Sometimes providers provide updates to the operator. If you do not install such updates, there should not be any problems, but there's also no reason to avoid them.
  1. Open Settings and go to Basic.
  2. Select About this device. If the update is available, it will automatically appear on the screen, and you can install it.

4: Upgrade to iOS

It can also help update the system to the latest available version. IOS updates contain fixes for various bugs and improvements to the system. Sometimes they can solve and problems with cellular data.
  1. Back up your device using iCloud or iTunes.
  2. Open Settings and go to Basic.
  3. Select Software Update and, if a new version is available, install it.
Do not forget to keep a copy of your device before each update.

5: Contact the operator

If you tried all of the above methods, but the mobile Internet did not work, contact your operator. Perhaps the problem is with the network itself, or you've spent all the available traffic.

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