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Emmanuel Akor

How to transfer data from a Mac or PC to iOS devices

EaseUS MobiMover Free 3.0 is a free data transfer program for iPhone, iPad, PC with Windows or Mac. In addition, it allows you to easily and conveniently manage files on devices with iOS.
With this program you can transfer photos, contacts, music, books, notes from/to devices with iOS 8/9/10/11. EaseUS MobiMover Free 3.0 is free, fast and easy. It supports many different formats, and is also compatible with almost all models of devices.
Today we will show by example how easy it is to transfer data from the computer to the smartphone in EaseUS MobiMover Free 3.0 and vice versa. In addition, you can transfer data from the device to the device, as well as simply sort the data on the device.

Supported file types

  • Audio: music, voice memos, ringtones, audiobooks, playlists
  • Images: photos from the camera, media library, etc.
  • Video: movies, video from the camera, home video, TV shows, clips
  • Other: contacts, messages, notes, books, mail, bookmarks and the history of Safari

Transferring data from a Mac or PC to your smartphone

Step 1: Connect your device with iOS to your computer using the USB cable.
Step 2: Select Transfer to device , then select by folder ( directory ) or by files ( files ) .
Step 3: Select the folder or files you want to move. You can immediately select several files of different types.
Step 4: Confirm the transfer of files by clicking Transfer .
The process of transferring files begins. It will take some time depending on the number and type of files you select.

Transferring data from your smartphone to a Mac or PC

Step 1: Connect your device with iOS to your computer using the USB cable.
Step 2: Select Transfer to Computer and wait for the program to read the data from your device.
Step 3: Select one or more file types to transfer and the desired location. For example, "My Documents" or Disk D. Then click Transfer .
The process of transferring the data will begin, which will take some time. Do not disconnect the device from the computer until the process is complete.
That's all. Other types of data transfer in the program work on the same principle. Everything is extremely simple!

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