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How to set the schedule for turning the Mac on and off

How to set the schedule for turning the Mac on and off
Did you know that the Mac can be turned on and off on schedule?
If you set the power on for 15 minutes before waking up, then all your emails, photos, messages, calendars, etc. will be updated even before you touch the keyboard.
This helps reduce the wait time until the computer boots. You can also set the timer so that the computer turns on before you arrive at the office or home.
It is also possible to set the sleep time, and not just the hibernation. This will help save energy.
You can set the schedule for enabling, waking up, hibernating, rebooting, or disconnecting the device.
In this article, we'll talk in detail about how this is done, and in which cases it's better to simply enter your Mac into sleep mode.

How to use the on / off schedule in macOS

This function works in every version of macOS.
1)  Open the  System Settings from the dock, the program folder, the Apple menu, or the Spotlight search.
2)  Click the Energy Saving icon  .
3)  Click the Schedule button   at the bottom of the window.
4)  Now customize your schedule:
  • Include or withdraw from the regime of sleep - Check the box and select the day or days in the menu, and then enter the time.
  • Turn off - Check the box to select the sleep / restart / shutdown, and then select the day or days and enter the time.
5)  Click  OK to save the changes.
6)  Close the System Settings.

Important details

To turn off the computer automatically, you must log in to your account.
Moreover, the computer should work at the time the trip is installed and continue to work for another 10 minutes after that.
If the computer is in sleep mode at this time, it will not turn off. Also, Mac will not shut down if you exit your account.
If you set the sleep timer to less than 15 minutes of inactivity, the computer may have time to go to it before the system completes its shutdown. To avoid this, set the wake up or power on for 5 minutes before disconnecting.
Also, scheduled disconnections can be prevented by open documents and unsaved changes. If you want to set the on time, your Mac must be connected to a power source.

Disable vs hibernate mode

Some users find the sleep mode more convenient, but the shutdown not only saves energy, but also gives time to install updates that require a reboot to remove the cache and perform other operations.

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