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How to enable Twitter night mode for iPhone and iPad

How to enable Twitter night mode for iPhone and iPad
Twitter for iOS has a night mode that changes the color gamut of the application interface to gray, blue and black hues. With the night mode the application is more convenient to use in the dark, and the eyes from it get tired less. Many users prefer to use dark modes simply because it looks nicer to their taste.
Enable night mode on Twitter for iPhone and iPad can be very simple for any reason.
Obviously, for this you need to be registered on Twitter and download the mobile application to your device.

How to enable night mode on Twitter for iOS

  1. Open the Twitter app, then click on your avatar in the top left corner of the screen and go to Settings and Privacy.
  2. Select Video and Sound .
  3. Click the radio button next to Night mode .
  4. Exit the settings and continue to use the Twitter application as usual.
  5. Night mode will turn on instantly and change the color spectrum of the entire application from bright white to dark gray, blue and black. You will immediately feel the difference, and the load on the eyes will be less.
    Dark or night mode is available in many applications, including YouTube. In addition, you can turn on the dark mode, hidden in the iOS system itself or use a special jailbreak tweak.


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