Wednesday, March 7, 2018

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Update AppSync Unified 9.0 for iOS 11

Update AppSync Unified 9.0 for iOS 11
Angelxwind - a talented developer and creator of AppSync Unified - released a tweak update a couple of days after the release of the main update for iOS 11, correcting the problem, which led to a third-party repository.
If you followed the news, then you know that just a couple of days ago there was a version of AppSync Unified 6.1. with support for jailbreak Electra for iOS 11.
Tweak worked without problems until there was a problem with a third-party repository in which someone decided to publish an unofficial modified version of AppSync Unified. Here's what it says in the AppSync Unified 9.0 update:
It was necessary to increase the version number immediately to 9.0 to solve the problem, which arose due to the third-party repository, in which the unofficial modified version 8.2 was published. Please do not use AppSync Unified for pirated purposes.
It seems that the unknown user has made several changes to the latest version of AppSync Unified and released the modified tweak in public, changing the version number of his version. Because of this, many users installed the wrong version, taking the pirated version for the update.
Ideally, the unofficial version should be removed so that no one can download it further, however this may take some time. Therefore, Angelxwind changed the version number to 9.0 so that users are not confused.
Considering how the developer treats piracy, you can assess the seriousness and the unpleasantness of the situation.
The problem was solved as quickly as possible, but it still hurt that it even arose. For decent users who are not going to be engaged in piracy, the latest version of AppSync Unified is available for download right now. Her number is 9.0.

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