Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Emmanuel Akor

The second jailbreak for PS4 has already been released

The second jailbreak for PS4 has already been released
Jailbreak for PS4 continues to evolve. Just released a new jailbreak for firmware version 4.55.
Previously, there were news that the developer @ qwertyyourip publicly published the full code of his exploit for the PS4 4.55 firmware, raising everyone's ears even though there was still a lot of work to be done ahead.
Before that, another jailbreak was created based on WebKit exploit, released by the same developer, but it is compatible only with version 4.07. This means that the exploit only works with the old version of the PS4 firmware.
A little while later the developer of SpecterDev wrote that he published an exploit v4.55 on GitHub , which means that there was a chance to create a jailbreak for PS4 version 4.55. For the first time, an exploit was released for the new firmware of the console.
SpecterDev wrote that the creation of jailbreaking will have to be taken by someone else, but it still built in the mechanism that allows you to extract useful loads.
This is the second public jailbreak for PS4. You can download it here: crack bargains / 455_ 2 .
Here's the video with the tool in action:

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