Wednesday, March 7, 2018

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Apple stopped signing the iOS 11.2.5 firmware

Apple stopped signing the iOS 11.2.5 firmware
It finally happened. Apple stopped signing the firmware file iOS 11.2.5, i.e. iOS 11.2.6 is the only public version of the system that is currently subscribed.
This means that if you have iOS 11.2.6 installed or any other version below iOS 11.2.5, then you will no longer be able to roll back or update to iOS 11.2.5.
Closing a signature of any firmware version means a lot to users with a jailbreak, because the old firmware allows them to maintain the status of a jailbreak. However, iOS 11.2.5 was not so important, because there is no jailbreak for this version, as are exploits or vulnerabilities that can lead to its creation.
The only difference between the version of iOS 11.2.5 and the latter is the correction of the Bug Messages and various messengers "Telugu" , which could lead to malfunctioning of the device.
Even if you currently have iOS 11.2.5, it's better to upgrade to iOS 11.2.6 to protect yourself. It makes no sense to stay on the previous version.
If you have iOS 11.2.2 or iOS 11.1.2 and below, and you are interested in jailbroken, then you should not update. For these versions there are vulnerabilities that can lead to jailbreaking. For iOS 11.1.2 there is already a stable jailbreak Electra , which you can install right now.

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