Saturday, January 13, 2018

Emmanuel Akor

Users demand that Apple begin signing older versions of iOS

Yesterday, Apple casually briefly opened the signature window of several older versions of iOS, and some users managed to roll back to iOS 10.3.3 with support for jailbreak.
Users demand that Apple begin signing older versions of iOS
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Firmware files were signed only an hour, so few people had time to take the opportunity to rollback. Apple's policy regarding the old versions of the system has left many people unhappy.
One of the users of Reddit even created a petition to with the requirement that Apple did not stop signing the old firmware.
We are directing this campaign towards Apple to inform the company about how we are upset about the policy it follows from the release of the first version of iOS Updates of the system with improvements and new features come out regularly, but sometimes they contain even more problems and errors. Among them there are problems with the battery, processor performance, etc. In addition, many people use applications and tools that are incompatible with the latest versions of iOS Because of the updates, they can no longer use them.
Rollbacks lead to their consequences, like exposure to security bugs, but users understand this perfectly. No one forces anyone to roll back, but users should be able to do this.
Therefore, we, the users of Apple , created this petition to show our point of view. We would like the company to review our request and begin signing all versions of iOS In the end, these are our devices, and we should be able to choose which version of the system to install them on.
Apple stops signing older versions of iOS so that users can not roll back and install jailbreak of older versions. Apple adheres to such a strategy to limit jailbreak-users. The company does not just release new versions of the system but also ceases to sign the old ones so that they can not be returned.
Apple does not just want to stop installing jailbroken, but also protect its users from various bugs and vulnerabilities, as well as avoid fragmentation, as in Android.
Do not make a guess, but it would be nice if Apple gave its users the right to choose and the ability to roll back to older versions of iOS at their own risk and fear. In addition, owners of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus could roll back to iOS 11.2, and the owners of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus - to iOS 10.2, to avoid slowing their devices.

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