Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Emmanuel Akor

This gadget will turn a smart watch into a smartphone

This gadget will turn a smart watch into a smartphone

Smart-watches are quite convenient and compact devices, but so far too dependent on smartphones. Yes, there are several models with a SIM slot and own GPS, but this is more an exception than the rule. Shell is a startup designed to free you from the smartphone (and tie you to a smart clock, for that matter, but we will think positively).
Flagship Product Shell - actually, an autonomous smart watch. They are available in two designs (a round and square dial) - both too bulky and on an amateur. Interestingly, the body hides two "petals." Get them out and get a microphone and a speaker. Even the camera for video calls is!
Apparently, the creators of the Shell realized that a smart clock with such a design will not appeal to everyone. So they also created an adapter that will turn your favorite watch into a smartphone. Supports a large number of popular models from Apple Watch to Moto, Huawei and Samsung. 
The campaign to raise funds will begin in a couple of weeks on Indiegogo. If you liked the concept, you can wait for the update of this page - or just follow our materials, because we will write when the pre-orders for Shell open!

Emmanuel Akor

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