Thursday, January 11, 2018

Emmanuel Akor

Samsung finally confirmed the existence of a folding smartphone Galaxy X

Samsung finally confirmed the existence of a folding smartphone Galaxy X

The fact that Samsung is working on a folding smartphone and plans to release it in 2018, has long been no secret. Now the company confirmed the existence of this device and shared information about it. If you remember, Samsung mentioned folding smartphones last year, which gave the fans a chance to announce during CES 2018.
Here's what Samsung said at CES:
It's true that we are developing folding smartphones. However, we can not report the timing of mass production or release of folding smartphones in connection with our business strategy.
Donjin Koch, head of the mobile division of Samsung Electronics, said that while it is difficult to talk about the release date, The company wants to present the final product, but it's too early for that. And although this was an official statement from CES, we suspect that this is not about the reliability of the smartphone or production problems. It is possible that Android is not yet ready to support such a display. Android is still difficult to adapt to different screens, and the fact that the Galaxy X will work in the mode of both smartphone and tablet gives the suspicion that the problem can be in the interface.
We hope that Samsung will manage to solve this problem, but the chances that the release of the Galaxy X will be held this year are not large. Mass production, however, is quite possible, will begin before the end of 2018.

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