Thursday, January 11, 2018

Emmanuel Akor

Popular Tweak Eclipse with a dark mode will be updated under iOS 11

There is a huge number of jailbreak tweaks, but one of the most beloved users is Tweak Eclipse developer Gulermo Moran (fr0st). Eclipse is essentially a dark mode for the iPhone and iPad.
Popular Tweak Eclipse with a dark mode will be updated under iOS 11

The tweak is regularly updated, and the update for iOS 11 will not be an exception. This week, the developer published on Twitter images with an updated Eclipse, which he called EclipseX.
Below you can see how the Calendar and Messaging applications look with this week:
Calendar with EclipseX:
Messages with EclipseX:
As you might have guessed by the name, EclipseX will run on the new iPhone X. Moreover, it will support all iOS 11 jailbreak devices when Saurik releases the Cydia and Substrate updates.
IOS 11 has a standard smart inversion function similar to this tweak, but it does not change the interface as well as Eclipse does. Therefore, EclipseX will be able to provide a real dark mode on devices with iOS 11.
Tweek Eclipse enjoyed by many. Some are because they just like how the dark regime looks, and others - to reduce the burden on the eyes. But with the iPhone X, everything will change.
Unlike other models of the iPhone and iPad, the iPhone X OLED, not the LCD-display. The dark pixels on it consume less energy than the light ones, and therefore the Eclipse X tweak will save battery power.

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