Thursday, January 11, 2018

Emmanuel Akor

How to add iMessage to Android using the WeMessage application

If you have a smartphone with Android, but you would like to use iMessage service, then you will be glad to hear that now it is possible. The WeMessage application uses an interesting circumvention of limitations and adds iMessage to smartphones with Android.
How to add iMessage to Android using the WeMessage application
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But for this, you must have a Mac. It is necessary because weMessage uses it as a point of sending messages to the device with Android. WeMessage is installed on the Mac, and the Android application client can receive iMessage messages through it.
Note, this application is not the same as using iMessage on a Windows PC with a screen snooze. The same can be done on a smartphone with Android, but it's too difficult.
If you want to try out a new application, you can download it below:
You will also need to install Java on the Mac and enable convenient access functions that will allow weMessage to work as it should.
If you want to see the WeMessage application in action, check out the video below:
WeMessage uses a cunning detour, but it works fine. At least for now. We will not be surprised if the program is soon to be removed.
The official application iMessage for Android is unlikely to ever come out, because for Apple there is no benefit.

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