Saturday, January 27, 2018

Emmanuel Akor

Concept: iPhone XI with holographic Face ID

Concept iPhone XI with holographic Face ID

It is expected that the new iPhone XI is very similar to the iPhone X - just a bit bigger. And it's not surprising, considering that the flagship of 2017 was innovative both in design and in functionality. However, designer Ren Avni thinks that there are no limits to perfection. He created the concept iPhone XI with a mechanism for creating 3D holograms - and it looks amazing.
Although in general the format and design are very similar to the iPhone X, these holograms create a huge difference between devices. In addition, the holograms are attached to the Face ID, so when you scan the face, it is displayed as a 3D model in real time. In addition, this device is able to project an interactive keyboard on a flat surface - say, a wall or a table.
This iPhone XI also has a built-in stand that also acts as a keyboard projector. It looks like a function that will discharge the battery in an hour or two of use. Also, the designer presented the smartphone in new colors, including pink. 
Of course, the concept looks interesting, but, be honest, it's unlikely that Apple will add to the iPhone projector, which will need to be pulled out from the back of the smartphone.

Emmanuel Akor

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