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Best New Features of CES 2018: Samsung, LG, Lenovo, Razer and more

Every year, CES brings thousands of novelties in the technology world, but let's be honest: not all of them are worthy of attention. In this article, we collected the most interesting of the announced projects - from innovative smartphones to VR-helmets and 65-inch gaming monitors.

Lenovo Vital Moto Mod

The announcement of Vital Moto Mod from Lenovo was unexpected, but in the end we are glad that it exists. This is a special accessory for the Moto Z smartphone, in which you need to insert a finger to get important information about your condition: heart rate and respiration rate, the degree of oxygen saturation (noninvasive method of determination), body temperature, and systolic (upper) and diastolic lower) blood pressure. To obtain this data, usually expensive medical equipment is required, but the miniature Vital Moto Mod carries out all the necessary measurements within two minutes.
This is a really useful technology. In addition, it proves that the ecosystem of the Moto Mods modules continues to evolve. 

Lenovo Smart Display

In recent years, Google Assistant has evolved significantly. Especially noticeable this was just on CES. At the exhibition, we saw a lot of devices with a smart assistant from Google: from cars to thermostats and even ... displays. It's about the Lenovo Smart Display, which will go on sale this summer at a price of $ 199. Its beauty is simple: Smart Display supports the Android Things platform, so it combines the power of Chromecast with Voice Assistant.
One of the things that makes this model outstanding - and this year will release a similar device manufactured by JBL, Sony and LG - is his design, both minimalistic and recognizable. The bamboo back panel in the 10-inch version adds an individuality device - another plus in the Lenovo Smart Display.

The Wall by Samsung

At CES, Samsung brought its latest development - a modular TV . It was named The Wall and became the world's first 146-inch MicroLED display. Why MicroLED is good, we already told in the articledevoted to this technology. At the exhibition, a working prototype was demonstrated, ready for mass production - and Samsung is going to start sales before the end of the year. However, this does not mean that you can buy it in 2018, 2019 or even 2020.
Because of the incredible complexity of producing such displays, the price of modular TV from Samsung will be sky-high. For such TVs to become available, it should take several years, so the announcement of The Wall should be seen as a demonstration of the prototype technology of MicroLED - however, the OLED analogue with all its advantages, but lacking flaws, does not become any less.

Razer Project Linda

To say that we did not expect such an announcement, it means that it's significantly understated, but Project Linda became the newest in the history of interesting and innovative projects from the manufacturer of the game peripherals Razer. This device is the base of the laptop with an opening in place of the touchpad. There is inserted Razer Phone, and voila - the data from the smartphone display are broadcast to the laptop screen, and you can play, sit on the Internet and do whatever your heart desires and is available in the Android ecosystem.
So far, Project Linda is in the prototype stage, no information about the release date and cost, Razer reported.

Sony Xperia XA2 and XA2 Ultra

Sony has updated its mid-range smartphone lineup with two new models: Xperia XA2 and XA2 Ultra. As a processor they use Snapdragon 630 - both powerful and energy efficient, which will positively affect the battery life. The XA2 Ultra has also been equipped with a dual front camera with optical image stabilization, so your selfies will look great, regardless of the lighting conditions you take when photographing - including night photos with almost no light. Also these smartphones run on the latest Android 8 Oreo, equipped with huge batteries and 23-megapixel main cameras.
They will go on sale in the next couple of months, and the most attractive in them is the price. Both models cost less than $ 400, which makes them one of the best middle peasants to date.


The new 4K TVs from LG are amazing not only outwardly. They are equipped with Google Assistant, which is fully integrated into the LG webOS platform, which has become more thoughtful and intuitive.
Even if you do not think that you really need Assistant on TV, as you use it, you will understand how comfortable it is. When you look Neflix or cable, you can quickly check with the program guide or manage a smart house. LG's OLED TVs are becoming more and more like smartphones in terms of functionality and intuitive usage, and the 2018 models are closer to this than ever.
Of course, in addition to all these "smart" functions, you also get, perhaps, the best 4K OLED display available today. Even Samsung is now unable to compete with LG in this area. Recall that only LG and Sony are now producing OLED-TVs, with Sony purchasing components as it does with LG.

Lenovo Mirage Solo

Although this all went for a long time, the world's first stand-alone VR helmet with the support of Google Daydream still admires. Mirage Solo from Lenovo does not require a connection to the smartphone to dive into Daydream, so that all the computational components moved directly to the helmet itself. Features Mirage Solo is similar to the previous generation Android flagship: Snapdragon 835 processor, 4 GB of RAM and QHD display.
On the outside of the device are two WorldSense cameras, which allow the owner to move freely in space. Google has promised to add more features to use WorldSense in Daydream, while only a few games and applications have been adapted for it. The situation was promised to change to the release of the device in the second quarter of 2018. The price of the device is less than $ 400. 

Lenovo Mirage 180 Camera

Hardly the Mirage 180 Camera will be as popular as the Mirage Solo VR, but in tandem they work just terrific. The idea of this device is simple: instead of applying a bunch of effort to shoot on a 360-degree camera, Lenovo offers the Mirage 180 for creating a VR photo without all this headache. For videographers, there is support for 4K with two 13-megapixel modules, as well as numerous software enhancements. 
At a cost of just under $ 300 this device can hardly be called cheap, but the camera performs its work excellently.

Vivo smartphone with a fingerprint scanner in the display

The idea of creating a smartphone with a fingerprint scanner right under the glass of the display has long been in the air. The presence of this function rumours in turn attributed to all outgoing flagships from Apple to Samsung, but the first working prototype was demonstrated by the Chinese Vivo. Under the OLED-display of her until an unnamed smartphone is hidden the optical fingerprint scanner from Synaptics, which allows you to unlock the device by placing your finger directly on the working surface of the display. It is expected that this year will be released several smartphones with such a sensor - and the novelty from Vivo will be one of them.

NVIDIA widescreen gaming monitor

Another unexpected announcement of this CES belongs to NVIDIA. Who would have thought that this company would work with ASUS, Acer and HP to create a 65-inch 4K display with support for 120 Hz G-Sync and DCI-P3 color space designed specifically for gamers? And now imagine that inside this top-level splendor is NVIDIA Shield on the basis of Android TV. In fact, it's literally TVs without a TV tuner - both in quality and in size. However, instead, as befits an advanced game monitor, the novelty supports GeForce NOW and Gamestream. All this sounds, of course, amazing, but it's not very desirable to imagine how much such a monitor will cost.

BlackBerry KEYone Bronze Edition

In fact, it's just KEYone in a new color - it would seem nothing unusual (although it looks damn stylish). However, this is the first dvuhsimochnik in its line, so if you were stopped from buying only one slot for a SIM card, then this is definitely your chance to join the BlackBerry. In general, it's just a stylish smartphone with an unusual form factor. Few manufacturers continue to produce push-button smartphones - and definitely no one is doing it as good as the BlackBerry.

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